Welcome to Braap Brothers Media, Where we are all about the braap! We are not just a media and branding company; we’re a team that lives and breathes motocross. Not just capturing the action but the heart of this sport. We are here to promote the community and personalities within.

Braap Brothers Media

Kirk Van Nort

Meet Kirk, one of our creative genius’s and one half of the life long friendship duo that brough Braap Brothers together. After serving the Army, Kirk swapped the battlefield for the motocross track. Learning to ride from None other than co-founder, Wade, quickly falling in love with thrill of riding. Kirks passion doesn’t end there. With 10 years of Photography, Videography, and editing he is a strong force behind Braap Brothers. He is also a FAA Part 107 licensed Done Pilot, so he’s got the sky covered too.

Wade Bower

Introducing Wade, co-founder and other half of the creative force driving Braap Brothers Media. Born into the motocross scene, Wade has been on a bike since he could walk. He grew up Riding the deserts of Arizona, all the way to sandy motocross tracks on the east coast. All while learning how to use a wrench and build bikes. These days, Wade gets his thrills being a weekend worrier at the track and carving up the beautiful trails of Colorado. Wades love for the sport is infectious. He’s the guy always down to help as a mechanic, and his passion for connecting with people and promoting the sports at the heart of what we do at Braap Brothers.